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Marina Cafe

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Marina Cafe Senggigi is the best place to enjoy entertainment and dishes. a very famous place and has been around since the 2000s. located in the area of Senggigi which is one of the best tourism areas on Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara.
marina cafe provides entertainment that never dies, from Live music, DJ performs, Dancer, Acoustic etc. besides that we also provide delicious dishes such as local Indonesian menus and western menus. various types of drinks are also here, such as beer, cocktails, whiskey and others.


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hiburan yang tidak pernah padam, tempat yang selalu terbuka bagi kalian yang mencintai hiburan malam. berpesta dengan teman-teman anda ditemani dengan musik DJ dan tarian dari para dancer.

The Best

Cafe and Bar

makanan favorite seperti pizza tacos, snack sampai makanan restaurant ada disini. nikmati bersantap dengan teman-teman anda sambil menikmati hiburan live music perform, acoustic dan banyak lagi.

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